J.W. Funding Group, LLC. - Commercial Loans
Recent Transactions

The following are just a few transactions we have assisted in. As you can see they are diverse as to meet the needs of our clients.

Mobile Home Park- A client came to us for refinancing of one of his small parks so as to reduce his rate. Not only were we able to dramatically reduce his rate he was able to get a fully amortizing 30 year loan under 4%. So pleased was the client he decided to cash out the property to 75%

Line of credit- A reseller of delivery services came to us for a line of credit to payback a private loan. Based on their strong cash flow and growth of business we were able to provide a $1 million line that paid back his high rate loan and also provided capital to expand his operation. Loan was provided through a major bank.

Blanket Mortgage- A real estate investor, wanting additional funds for expansion, asked us to refinance 7 properties with 15 units in one mortgage. We were able to provide a loan at 75% to maximize his cash for future investment. Loan provided through a community bank in NJ. 

Stated Income- Recently provided 70% financing for a mixed use property in New Jersey. Good credit and cash flow however tax returns were inadequate for conventional financing. Transaction was completed through a finance company in less than 30 days.

Mixed Use - Closed on an apartment building with an owner occupied restaurant. 70% LTV with cashout that paid off two hard money loans. Got borrower a 6% loan even though his credit score was only 590.

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